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The Minds Behind OMG Tacos Will Bring Doughnuts & Soft Serve To Richardson

Sweet Daze is set to debut next month

The future home of Sweet Daze in Richardson
Rachel Pinn

What’s left to do once you’ve somehow managed to improve on the classic corn + cheese combination of elotes by adding crushed Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and mastered the late night taco run? If the forthcoming plans by Richardson’s OMG Tacos are any indication, the next step is to bring “extremely Instagrammable” desserts to DFW.

OMG Tacos owner Holly Nguyen tells Eater that the taco spot is currently working on opening up a sweet shop called Sweet Daze at 581 W. Campbell Road in Richardson. According to Nguyen, Sweet Daze will serve up a menu of “artisan soft-serve” in rotating flavors, creatively-topped doughnuts, and delicious mash-ups of both their pastry and frozen offerings. Also on offer will be boba tea, and whatever “loaded doughnut holes are.”

Perhaps most excitingly, Sweet Daze will keep the doors open until midnight every single damn night to satisfy those intense 11 p.m. doughnut cravings. At present, Sweet Daze has plans to open its doors in the first week of March, which means only a few more weeks of waiting until you can get your hands on that sweet, sweet pastry.