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Eatzi’s, Purveyor Of Dallas’ Finest Fast Fare, Is Headed To Preston Royal

Look for it to land in October

Wine, bread, and pasta. What a beautiful sight.

For years, North Dallas residents have been forced to make many a journey up the tollway to experience a truly magical place: Eatzi’s. The wonders of Eatzi’s are the stuff of are legend in this town, from the opera piped through it’s speakers to the delicious rotisserie chicken to samples of unfathomably good spaghetti sauce. Come this fall, Eatzi’s will will bring that magic to a brand new ‘hood.

Announced via release, Eatzi’s is set to open its sixth outpost at Preston Royal Shopping Center later this year. Area residents will soon have much easier access to Eatzi’s selection of over 130 types of cheese and meats, giant wine collection, and shockingly tasty to-go sushi.

The delicious, quick dining joint is also opening an outpost in Fort Worth this May. These two new locations are part of a greater expansion project. According to Eatzi’s CEO Adam Romo, the market is prime for more locations of the “fancy food fast” concept, saying that “the shift towards the fast-casual dining trend is here to stay.”

Eatzi’s is set to make its debut at Preston Royal sometime this fall, likely in October.