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Fort Worth Man Sues Dallas-Based Dairy Queen Operator Over Reportedly Moldy Cheeseburger

The restaurant offered him a free coupon in exchange for his spoiled burger, according to a report

Dairy Queen/Facebook
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When it comes to burgers, it’s easy enough to eat first, and ask questions later. But considering the experience that a local man had at a Fort Worth Dairy Queen, you might want to give that burger a look-over before shoving those cheese-topped patties into your face.

The Dallas Morning News reports that a lawsuit has been filed against Lickety Split Food Services, which operates the Dairy Queen at 6700 Bridge Rd. in Fort Worth. Allegedly, the restaurant served plaintiff Ralph Bryan a moldy cheeseburger, which resulted in a nasty bout of food poisoning. The burger in question, ordered last year, was served on a bun that was allegedly covered in mold, which Bryan couldn’t see because much of the burger was still wrapped in paper.

When Bryan returned the half-eaten moldy cheeseburger to the restaurant, he was reportedly only given a DQ coupon in exchange for his trouble. Later, he ended up in an emergency room. Claiming “financial loss, extreme pain and suffering, and extreme mental anguish,” Bryan is seeking up to $1 million in damages for the nasty cheeseburger incident.

The lawsuit likely won’t be settled for some time, but one thing is for sure: every fast-food burger enthusiasts could probably benefit from taking a peek between the buns from time to time before chowing down.