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Beloved Dallas Dive Bar Windmill Lounge Changes Ownership

The group behind Ivy Tavern is taking over

Windmill Lounge
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It’s the last of a dying breed, but Windmill Lounge is inarguably one of the city’s best dimly-lit dive bars. The cocktails here have been legendary for years, and now the old-school watering hole is undergoing some major changes.

Announced via release, Windmill Lounge has been sold to Triada Hospitality Group, which owns the equally popular Ivy Tavern. The change comes a few months after Windmill owner Louise Owens suffered a broken wrist in a car accident, which made the task of running a bustling cocktail bar alone more than challenging.

“After shattering my wrist in a car wreck shortly before Christmas it became very apparent that trying to run the Windmill as a one-person show was not going to work anymore,” said Owens in a statement. “I'm delighted to join with Tom and Lisa so that I can be a creative person and not there mopping floors and changing light bulbs.”

The bar will stay open during the revamp, and its owners have no plans to change up Windmill’s signature charm. The hours will stay the same, as will the drinks, but a new menu of “chef-driven pizzas,” wings, and salads will be added in the coming days. The Windmill will also undergo some aesthetic changes, including improvements to he bar’s exterior and an updated patio.

This is the second big change for Windmill Lounge since 2014, when Owens’ ex-husband and co-owner Charlie Papaceno parted ways. Papaceno went on to open Industry Alley in the Cedars, while Owens stayed and continued to mix up some of the best martinis in town. How much time she’ll spend behind the bar now that its ownership has changed remains to be seen.