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Grayson Social’s New Cocktail Will Supposedly Make You Look Younger

The sangria is infused with collagen

Cocktails are decidedly better than green juice.
Grayson Social

Refreshing and slightly sweet, rosé is already a perfect wine all year long in Texas. But the bar whizzes at Grayson Social have officially found a way to improve on the formula.

The newest addition to Grayson Social’s menu, a rosé sangria spiked with lavender and rosewater syrups, features one ingredient that studies suggest is actually effective in making skin look younger: collagen. If you’ve been looking for the fountain of youth in juice cleanses or raw foods, perhaps it’s time to head to the bar instead.

The humble protein is known for adding elasticity to skin and making it stronger, along with a host of other health benefits. When paired with the antioxidants naturally present in rosé, this cocktail is damn near a health drink. Each glass of sangria includes one tablespoon of natural collagen, which means that vegetarians unfortunately won’t be able to partake.

If the health benefits aren’t persuasive enough, the pretty pink cocktail is served in a wine glass with a giant ice ball, then garnished with housemade gummy bears infused with even more rosé. Which means that this drink is a surefire way to earn hella Instagram likes, and isn’t that just as important as actual health benefits?

The rosé sangria will be on the menu at Grayson Social throughout spring and summer, after which you may soon notice that your fellow Dallasites are looking a little more fresh-faced.

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