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Dallas Burger Chain Keller’s Bans ‘Unruly’ Bikers From Its Drive-Ins

The spot has long been a biker hangout

No bikers allowed
Garrett Hall/EDFW
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Anyone that’s pulled into a Keller’s Drive-In to enjoy one of those incredible old-school burgers has likely shared the parking lot with the spot’s regular crowd of bikers. The presence of loud Harleys and bearded, leather-clad bikers added a certain dose of panache to the bar’s already grungy vibe. Unfortunately, a little bad behavior means that Harleys will no longer be a part of the Keller’s experience.

CW33 reports that Keller’s Drive-In has officially banned bikers (read: motorcyclists, not people on bicycles) from its restaurants. "We will not serve people on motorcycles," Keller’s owner John Keller told CW33. "We want these people to go." Keller didn’t specify what kind of “unruly” behavior was going on at the burger joint, but the combination of beer, bikers, and burgers was undoubtedly going to make things rowdy at some point.

In a public Facebook group called Bars Against Bikers, local motorcycle enthusiasts vented about the policy, calling it discriminatory. One member, a man named Diego Toledo, described being kicked off the Keller’s property by its owner:

There was about 15 of us there when John Keller instructed the waitresses to tell us to leave. Only 2 bikes there, as most of us were in our vehicles. A few bikes pulled up as we were leaving and were told to leave - motorcycles not welcome here anymore. As I am told the hot rods on the other side were asked to leave, too. It's "a family establishment" per John Keller.

It doesn’t appear that Keller’s has any plans to back down on its biker ban, but it does look like local bikers may show up to protest at the burger joint’s DFW locations in the coming days. Stay tuned for more updates.