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Underground Weed Dinners Are Apparently A Thing In Dallas

And they’re illegal as hell.


Despite the fact that marijuana is decidedly illegal in Texas, plenty of Dallasites still find themselves frequently partaking in the devil’s lettuce. But few of them do it as flagrantly as “underground” chef David Anthony Temple.

Temple has long been a fixture of the city’s tiny underground dinner scene, but a recent report from the Dallas Observer indicates that Temple (known locally as Chef DAT) has chosen an interesting new ingredient to feature on his menu: various extractions of marijuana.

At a recent dinner, DAT reportedly served 20 of his dedicated regulars sous vide steak, salads, and more fancily plated dishes spritzed with THC-laced tinctures made with various strains of cannabis. The four-course dinner contained, in DAT’s estimation, only about 7 milligrams of actual THC.

In a place like Colorado where marijuana is legal, that dosage is similar to what would appear in a single square of fancy, pot-infused chocolate. DAT was reportedly unaware that getting caught with extractions of marijuana like tinctures means facing much steeper penalties under Texas law than, say, getting busted with a dime bag.

But maybe he just doesn’t care, because Chef DAT is also apparently moving to Belize on March 20, far away from the watchful eye of Texas police. Whether or not another local chef will pick up the weed-infused slack remains to be seen.

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