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More Intel on Teiichi Sakurai’s Ramen Shop at The Shacks

Prepare to slurp noodles while overlooking a members-only dog park

Ten Ramen/Facebook

Eater Dallas previously reported that chef Teiichi Sakurai — of upscale Tei-An and ramen shop Ten — would be opening an to-be-named ramen restaurant at The Shacks at Austin Ranch.

We now have word, via D Magazine, that the Sakurai ramen shop at The Shacks will also be called Ten, and will very much be something of a carbon-copy of the chef’s Sylvan Thirty ramen outpost. The Shacks opens on April 22, and Ten will be the only shack that is fully operational — though the others will be on-site for opening-day festivities.

D reports that while the new Ten, like its sister shop, will also be standing-room-only, at The Shacks, there will be outdoor seating via picnic benches.

Speaking of outdoor seating: remember that while The Shacks is a complex of shack-situated restaurants — including OMG Tacos and a as-yet-unnamed coffee shop — it’s also a high-end, members-only dog park. The park is truly multi-hyphenate, as it’s also high-tech; a key fob that can be located on the dog’s collar will grant access. Austin Park residents will, of course, have access, and there is a membership available (price to come) for non-residents.