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Tri-Tip Grill Will Bring Smoked Meats to the Star This Summer

The new Frisco development’s dining options continue to heat up

Tri Tip Grill/Facebook
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When it finally makes its debut, The Star at Frisco will undoubtedly be DFW’s buzziest new spot to dine. Neighborhood Services, a concept from steak queen Dee Lincoln, and Chef Jose Andres’ Zaytinya are already in the works, and now we’ve got more details on a meaty new concept expected to arrive later this summer.

The Dallas Morning News reports that Tri-Tip Grill will set up shop at The Star late this summer. The NYC-based chain focuses on California-style barbecue, which is decidedly different than Texas pit ‘cue. As Texas Monthly barbecue editor Daniel Vaughan told Eater last year, tri-tip was first marketed as a cut of meat at a Safeway in Santa Maria, California, and is commonly associated with the city’s unique style of smoking.

Tri-Tip Grill will occupy a 3,550 square foot space at The Star, with seating for about 150 diners in the restaurant’s dining room and small outdoor patio. The restaurant is expected to open its doors in late August, which means that you’ll have to survive on brisket alone until tri-tip becomes DFW’s hottest new meat.

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