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Chef Eddy T Resurfaces In Colleyville With Yet Another New Restaurant

Sai Fine Asian Bistro has landed, but for how long is up for debate

Maybe you’ve been missing the truffle-miso salmon?
Sai Fine Asian Bistro

Chef Eddy Thretipthuangsin, or Chef Eddy T for short, is perhaps best known in the DFW area for closing restaurants, not opening them. After leaving his position at Design District thai spot Pakpao in 2014 the chef has since opened and closed four DFW area restaurants, all of which were open for a year or less.

Chef Eddy T has been pretty quiet since his last restaurant closing in April of last year, but the silence has officially been broken with the opening of a new concept. Announced via release, Chef Eddy T has opened Sai Fine Asian Bistro, a fine-dining Asian restaurant at 5005 Colleyville Blvd. in Colleyville. The menu is going to be most reminiscent of Kin Kin Urban Thai, the Oak Lawn restaurant that survived less than six months.

The entree menu is separated in to two categories: ‘Only at Sai’ and ‘From the Street.’ The Only at Sai menu features dishes from restaurants past, like truffle-miso salmon, and the From the Street section features street food and noodles like Peking duck fried rice.

Sai Fine Asian Bistro is currently only open for dinner starting at 5 p.m., and will be BYOB for at least the next month while the full bar menu is finalized. Feel free to trek out to Colleyville and enjoy Chef Eddy T’s culinary creations, but maybe don’t get too attached in case history repeats itself and Sai Fine Asian Bistro shutters within the year.