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Prohibition Chicken Brings Fried Bird And A Speakeasy To Lewisville

Get ready for a poultry party in the ‘burbs

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Chicken from Dungar Hollow Farm served crispy and juicy
Courtesy of Prohibition Chicken

Lewisville doesn’t have much of a bar scene to speak of, but lucky for locals, a new chicken and booze joint is heading out to this DFW suburb to shake things up.

Announced via release, Prohibition Chicken is opening next week at 201 W. Church Street in Lewisville. Yes, the chicken is the most prominent part of Prohibition, but more excitingly, it’ll serve as a new nightlife hotspot. Along with hosting local bands on the weekends, Prohibition Chicken will also house a speakeasy with its own menu of cocktails and food at the back of the restaurant. For that true speakeasy vibe, the spot is accessible only through a sneaky telephone booth entrance.

The restaurant’s main menu is, as one would assume, mostly chicken, plus a few other comfort food items like tri-tip steak and hickory grilled trout. The chicken is sourced from a local Texas farm and co-raised with the chef himself, Roger Kaplan.

Check out the menu for a preview of what Kaplan has up his sleeve:

Prohibition Chicken will open up the doors on Tuesday, April 25th. Get your chicken fix from Tuesday - Friday from 4:30 p.m. to midnight and Saturday - Sunday from 9 a.m. to midnight.