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Chef Misti Norris Returns To Dallas

The former Small Brewpub chef is back and will make an appearance at Top Knot’s Uncommon Ramen

Misti Norris Kelsey Wilson
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Back in September of last year, Chef Misti Norris abruptly departed her post as executive chef at Oak Cliff’s Small Brewpub. It was a move that shocked many, and sent Norris to NYC to stage at various restaurants across the city. Now, Norris is back.

For those that have been missing the 2016 Eater Dallas Chef of the Year’s fascinating foraged fare, Misti Norris will pop up at Top Knot’s Uncommon Ramen series later this month. Alongside Top Knot chef Angela Hernandez, Norris will serve up a menu of ramen and small plates inspired by Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Japan.

This is Norris’ first major reappearance on the local scene (outside of pricey ticketed events) and doesn’t provide a whole lot of insight into her next move. As Eater reported in November, Norris appeared to be working on a new restaurant concept called Petra And The Beast, but it’s unclear whether or not that is still going to happen.

Either way, if you’ve desperately been dying to try some of Norris’ chicken feet, she’ll be at Top Knot on April 24. Don’t be too proud to beg her to put them on the menu.