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The Fish Nerds At TJ’s Seafood Are Getting Into The Poke Game

Malibu Poke is expected to land in Fall 2017

Jon Alexis (center) with Ben and Eric Kusin
Kevin Marple
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For those that have been to TJ’s Seafood in Dallas, it’s pretty clear that this longstanding market (and somewhat newer restaurant) serves up the city’s best fish. Now, the minds behind this beloved spot are diving in to the city’s hottest food trend.

Announced via release, TJ’s Seafood owner Jon Alexis has teamed up with venture capitalists Ben and Eric Kusin to open Malibu Poke at 3888 Oak Lawn Ave in Turtle Creek Village later this year. The concept has long been in the works, and Alexis and his team have traveled across the U.S. to try the country’s best poke in preparation for the new spot.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the notably seafood-obsessed Alexis is committed to ensuring that his spot serves up the freshest and most sustainably-caught poke in Dallas. “Malibu Poke is a quick serve restaurant, but we will serve expertly sourced and handled fresh seafood,” Alexis said in a statement. “This is not a fast food model. Quite simply it’s a better bowl of poke — the fishmonger’s poke. Our emphasis is on freshness, nutrition and sustainability.”

In keeping with the times, Malibu Poke will utilize a “tech-based ordering system” intended to make customizing the build-your-own poke bowl easier, and reducing wait times and lines. A “Poke Pro” will be on hand to assist indecisive diners in creating their bowls, too.

Malibu Poke is expected to make its debut in Fall 2017, but no official opening timeline has yet been announced.