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Irving’s Snoball Loco Takes Frozen Treats To The Next Level With Tons Of Candy

Sour gummy worms, gumballs, suckers, and so much more

That candy, tho
Snoball Loco/Facebook
Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

Considering that in just a few short weeks, it’s going to be hotter than hell in Dallas-Fort Worth, it’s no surprise the city already has its mind on dreamy frozen treats. If you’ve already got a fever for something chilly and sweet, a new roving raspado (aka snow cone) shop in Irving has the prescription.

Late last week, a photo began to circulate around Twitter advertising the ridiculous, candy-topped frozen creations at Irving’s Snoball Loco. The truck, which parks near a gas station at 800 North Belt Line Road, is quickly making a name for itself for its massive raspados topped with an insane amount of candy.

Check out the original post that helped Snoball Loco go viral below:

Screenshot via Twitter

The truck’s menu offers up a pretty standard selection of snow cone flavors, like bubble gum and pina colada. Where things really get interesting, though, is when the truck’s staff begins sticking on ribbons of sour candy, gummy worms, gumballs, and other sugary treats.

In the past few days, response to Snoball Loco’s epic snow cones has meant that the truck has faced long lines, even running out of ice a few times as its owners figured out how to meet demand. “Going viral on Twitter means you'll get people from everywhere,” reads a post to Snoball Loco’s Facebook page. “As we pulled up to the stand we already had a line forming an hour before opening. We sold out of ice within a few hours after we opened our doors.”

For those that are willing to brave the lines, Snoball Loco is now open from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday.