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Chef John Tesar’s Steak-Obsessed Cookbook Hits Shelves Next Week

Learn how the Knife chef sears up some of Texas’ best steaks

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John Tesar
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It’s long been known that Chef John Tesar, former Top Chef contestant and steak expert at The Highland’s Knife, was working on a cookbook. But soon, you’ll be able to get your paws on the chef’s meaty new instruction manual on how to sear up the world’s best steaks.

As Eater reported earlier this year, Tesar’s cookbook hits the shelves (or, in these technologically advanced times, ships from Amazon) on May 2. The price of Knife: Modern Steakhouse Meals At Home has dropped about $10 in price from $30 to $19.94 for a hardcover edition of the book, which means that waiting may have actually been the best idea in this instance.

Check out Tesar wielding his knives on the cover:


In the book, Tesar’s fans will be able to recreate recipes that he’s made famous at Knife, like the crispy avocado fries and smoky bacon jam. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he’ll be teaching you how to make that tuna-foie gras torchon from his now-shuttered seafood spot Spoon.

Knife: Steakhouse Meals At Home hits shelves on May 2. In the meantime, steak enthusiasts can pre-order the book to have it delivered straight to the door on release day.