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Misti Norris’ Petra And The Beast Will Arrive In Dallas Next Month

The chef’s new pop-up lands at Urbano Cafe

Misti Norris
What IS she planning?
Kelsey Wilson
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Earlier this week, Chef Misti Norris made a triumphant return to Dallas’ restaurant scene with a stint at Top Knot’s Uncommon Ramen series. Now, it appears as if Norris is ready to dive back into the Dallas restaurant scene in a big way.

As Eater reported back in November 2016, Norris has been working on a mysterious new project called Petra And The Beast, and now the chef will soon her host her first dinner under the new moniker at East Dallas’ Urbano Cafe. According to owner Kristen Kauffman, her co-owner Mitch Kauffman dug a fire pit in the garden behind the restaurant to allow Norris to cook entire meals over the flame.

“Misti created Petra And The Beast as an avenue to focus on the aspects of cooking that she is most passionate about: farm, forage, ferment, fire,” Kauffman tells Eater. Which, of course, means that the menu for these dinners will likely feature the same locally-foraged produce and weird fermentations that earned Norris rave reviews in her time at Small Brewpub.

It’s still unclear whether or not Norris has plans to turn this fledgling pop-up into a sit-down restaurant eventually, but in the meantime, it’s likely that these dinners will earn a pretty dedicated crowd of regulars who have been desperately missing the chicken feet and funky ferments that helped Norris shake up the scene.

Norris will host her first Petra And The Beast dinner at Urbano Cafe on May 1. Tickets for the dinner will set you back $100, and include charcuterie, starters, and family-style grub on the restaurant’s back porch.