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Dallas Chefs Will Rappel Off Reunion Tower to Raise Cash For a Substance Abuse Charity

Stephan Pyles & more have accepted the Shatterproof Challenge

Stephan Pyles
Team captain Chef Stephan Pyles is ready to take this leap

The Dallas skyline is always iconic, but on May 13th, it’ll have an extra flair: some of Dallas’ best chefs dangling from the Reunion Tower. Seriously.

Announced via release, Stephan Pyles will lead a group of brave Dallas food professionals in a rappel off the Reunion Tower as part of a fundraiser for Shatterproof, an organization that seeks to end the stigma that surrounds substance abuse and addiction. A similar stunt was executed by a group of chefs in Austin last November.

Pyles will be joined by Aaron Staudenmaier of Lovers Seafood & Market, Nathan Tate of Rapscallion, Matt McCallister of FT33, Katherine Clapner of Dude, Sweet Chocolate, and Alex Astranti of Uchi Dallas, all of whom will rappel 50 stories down the iconic tower.

For those that aren’t content to just watch the action, the fundraiser is also open to daredevils who are interested in registering to rappel alongside the chefs. If the full tower drop sounds too intimidating, the charity will also host a 10 story jump off the Hyatt Regency. Of course, just watching and donating is also totally an option.