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Roti Modern Mediterranean Is Coming Soon

Not to be confused with another beloved Dallas mini-chain.

Roti Official

Saying any fast-casual spot is a something-style Chipotle is getting old at this point, but sadly it works for the new spot opening up at McKinney and Olive this summer (exact location: 2355 Olive Street.) Roti Modern Mediterranean is a Chicago-born spot that slings — you guessed it — Mediterranean fare in a fast-casual setting. This uptown Dallas location is the first Texas restaurant for the Midwestern company. Roti also has several locations in Washington, D.C.

Diners build their meal at Roti like this: start with a base (rice, pita, wrap, salad), then they move on to proteins like steak, lamb meatballs and falafel. Add some sides and toppings — think hummus, couscous, red cabbage slaw — and then top it all off with sauces like tahini or a dill-yogurt-cuke sauce.

Roti Mediterranean grill is slated to open this summer. Culture Map Dallas has an important parting word for hungry readers: this Roti is different from local mini-chain of Indian eateries, Roti Grill. Just something to keep in mind!