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Is This Fidget Spinner Cookie Really Necessary?

The toy trend has officially peaked

Eat this one, not the plastic fidget spinners
Clearly Cookies
Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

It’s official: the fidget spinner trend has released critical mass. Now, a Dallas bakery is celebrating the moment’s most popular toy by making fidget spinners that you can eat.

As of today, Clearly Cookies has released its fidget spinner cookie, which looks remarkably like the insanely popular toys that have enthralled kids across the globe over the past few months. According to the bakery, the fidget spinner cookies actually work (sort of) like the real thing, and can be spun on the finger before devouring.

For kids that are obsessed with fidget spinners, perhaps this cookie is a safer alternative to the cheap plastic toys. Earlier this month, a DFW mom’s Facebook post went viral when her daughter was rushed to a hospital after choking on one of the components of the toy. Similar stories have popped up across the country.

No word yet on how long the fidget spinner cookie will be available at Clearly Cookies, but expect for them to stick around until the trend dies down.

UPDATE: Clearly Cookies has now updated a video to prove that its fidget spinner cookie does, in fact, spin. Sort of.