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A Denton Coffee Shop Is Serving Cortados In Tomatoes

Take that, avolatte.

Conor Poull

Not to be outdone by the “avolatte,” or coffee and milk served inside an actual avocado peel, a Denton coffee shop is stepping up their game and serving their own drinks in bizarre vessels — this time, though, the coffee is poured inside a tomato.

Conor Poull, a barista at Denton’s West Oak Coffee Bar, invented the tomato cortado this week, reports The Dentonite. The typical blend of espresso and milk used in a classic cortado is poured into the hollowed-out tomato, and a flourish of latte art gilds the lily.

It’s the kind of idea that was born out of necessity, at least when you’ve got a tomato lying around. "I actually did take a sip, and it wasn't terrible," Poull told the blog. "I hadn't intended to drink it, just to respond to the "Avocado Latte" nonsense. I wouldn't even have wasted the tomato, except that it had a worm in it so I wasn't gonna eat it."

It’s unclear whether or not the drink will stick around at West Oak or if it was just a joke, but perhaps if you BYO tomato, the baristas will be happy to pour a plain ol’ cortado inside.

Move Over, Avocado Latte - Denton Is Brewing Something Different [The Dentonite]

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