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Smokey Mae’s Brings Barbecue Worth the Drive to Mansfield

The new smokehouse arrives this weekend

Smokey Mae’s Pit BBQ/Facebook
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This weekend, Smokey Mae’s Pit BBQ will officially make its debut in Mansfield, and plenty of Dallasites are going to want to make the drive to check out the metroplex’s newest smokehouse.

Announced via its Facebook page, Smokey Mae’s Pit BBQ is set to open its doors at 8120 Rendon Bloodworth Road in Mansfield this weekend. The gigantic new barbecue restaurant is a project of former Fred’s Texas Cafe chef and pitmaster Rodney Lambert, who brings a lengthy, smoke-covered family history to his newest concept.

According to Smokey Mae’s lore, the restaurant originated in the 1920s, when its founders’ grandmother (a.k.a. Mama Mae) allegedly used the deliciously pungent odor of smoked meats to cover the tracks of her husband, who was distilling illegal moonshine. In keeping with this tradition, Smokey Mae’s will also have plenty of (legal) white whiskey on the menu.

As far as the ‘cue is concerned, Smokey Mae’s will serve up a menu of traditional Texas barbecue mainstays by the pound, including brisket, chicken, and sausage. Those proteins can be piled onto a sandwich, or perhaps stuffed into one of the restaurant’s “Big A$$ Taters.”

Smokey Mae’s Pit BBQ will officially open its doors at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, May 6.