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Stiffler’s Mom’s Cookie Factory Brings Milk and Dumb Jokes to the State Fair of Texas


State Fair
What could be better than ferris wheel rides and machine-baked cookies?
Brett Chisum/Flickr

When the State Fair of Texas turns the lights back on in September, it will soon be home to the most ridiculously-named eatery in Dallas: a new automated dessert spot called Stiffler’s Mom’s Cookie Factory.

Taking its name from the raunchy 1999 teen flick American Pie, Stiffler’s Mom’s Cookie Factory will serve up milk (get it? Stiffler’s mom had big boobs!) and chocolate chip cookies that are baked to order, according to a press release. The machine can reportedly crank out 800 cookies every 11 minutes, though chocolate chip is the only variety on offer.

The State Fair of Texas will also be home to a new seafood spot called Gulf Coast Grill, and a giant, fully-functional hydroponic farm. The new dining options bring a little variety to the greasy, deep-fried bonanza that is the State Fair, and a little balance to the usual Fair diet of fried butter and Fletcher’s corny dogs.

If, for whatever reason, a crude joke from an 18-year-old film has you craving a machine-baked cookie, Stiffler’s Mom’s Cookie Factory will get cranking on the Midway when the Fair opens on September 29.

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