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Deep Ellum Will Soon Be The Spot For Craft Beer

There’s a new craft brewery coming to the neighb

Westlake is coming.
Westlake Brewing Company/Facebook

It’s been a knockout time for craft breweries in Dallas since the 2011 opening of Deep Ellum Brewing Company (basically the first operating within city limits.) Old standbys like Revolver Brewing Company and its ilk have grown and evolved, and newcomers like Pegasus City Brewing have opened up shop. The craft beer scene is only continuing to grow with the announced opening of Westlake Brewing Company, which plans to open later this year, reports Dallas Culture Map.

This isn’t just another brewery opening in Dallas. It’s another brewery opening in Deep Ellum — at 2816 Commerce St., right in between the trailblazing Deep Ellum Brewing Co. and Braindead Brewing. Westlake will start its operation with kegs for bars, and may consider cans later on.

Art Harvey founded Westlake with partners Bill Parker and Larry Picchiotti; Harvey, a longtime home brewer, describes his taste in beer as “refreshingly simple.”

He tells Culture Map:

We'll have a good variety, with some overhopped IPAs and a few unique flavors with citrus and berries. We'll have a few creations for the craft beer nerds, but most will not be overly complicated.

Harvey also told the site that he’s stoked about the chosen location because of the nearby rivals/pals. “The reason we picked Deep Ellum in the long run is that we would love to make it the No. 1 spot for a craft beer tourist,” he told Culture Map. “It will put three breweries all within walking distance of each other, and I'd love to see even more."

It’s not totally clear just yet how Westlake’s future craft brew neighbors feel about its locale — but here’s hoping the trio will coexist peacefully.