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Betty Ringer Is Finally Opening This Month

The long-awaited sweet shop is soon opening its doors

Signage for Betty Ringer at Sylvan Thirty
Betty Ringer/Facebook

Betty Ringer Ice Cream, from the owner of Nib Chocolates and located in Sylvan Thirty, was slated to open in March 2017. This late-winter opening date was so exciting that the spot was named one of Eater’s most anticipated winter 2017 openings this past year. But March came and went without Betty Ringer’s doors opening.

Now, CultureMap has word that Betty Ringer is finally, for real opening its doors this month. The soft open is happening in mid-July.

The brains behind Betty Ringer is Stephen Smith, who is also the founder of Nib Chocolates. The main draw for Betty Ringer is Smith’s flavor combo experimentation: of the 10 or so flavors he plans to offer, there will be combos like sweet corn with blackberry jam (and rosewater cinnamon horchata.) The ‘cream will not utilize a pre-made base, and everything else (including waffle cones, chocolate and the works) will be made in-house. In addition to a flavor that celebrates Smith’s Filipino heritage — ube, a purple yam — there will always be a sorbet on the roster, as well as a vegan flavor made with in-house cashew and coconut milk.

Smith will also bring popular Nib Chocolate elements to Betty, including the confectioner’s signature caramels.