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Chains and Chains (and Chains) to Open Up Weekly at Irving Music Factory

Tiered openings, because why not

A rendering of what Irving Music Factory will probably look like
Irving Music Factory

We are inching ever closer to the opening of the gargantuan entertainment — and multi-restaurant — complex known as Irving Music Factory. The planned open is Labor Day weekend, reports Escape Hatch Dallas, when The Pavilion (the convertible several-thousand-person indoor-outdoor concert venue) throws open its doors to welcome comedian Dave Chappelle.

The real news — and what Eater cares about, of course — is that the complex will see a restaurant or entertainment venue open every week from Labor Day all the way until Christmas. We previously reported a few of the eateries expected (chains, mostly, like Thirsty Lion Gastropub and Gloria’s.)

The never-ending opening party will go on for nearly half a year, and we now know a few more restaurants that are coming to Irving Music Factory. Surprise, surprise: it’s more chains (both local and national.) The chains do skew national, with well-known names like Bar Louie, TCBY, and Grimaldi’s Coal Brick Oven Pizza headed to the spot. Local (and local-ish) chains and whatnots include MaxFrut and Sambuca.