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The Minds Behind Taco Heads Will Open A Mexican Rotisserie & Cocktail Bar

Tinie’s and El Escondite will arrive early next year


After opening a permanent location of their beloved taco spot, Taco Heads owners Sarah Castillo and Jacob Watson have plans to expand their restaurant empire with a new restaurant and cocktail bar in Fort Worth’s South Main Village.

The duo is set to open Tinie’s (pronounced “tee-nees”) Mexican Rotisserie and Cocktail Lounge, named after Castillo’s mother, will occupy a space at 125 South Main in Fort Worth. The building will be divided between two floors offering two totally different experiences. The family-style Mexican rotisserie on the first floor will serve up whole or half fire-roasted chickens, along with plenty of red meat and vegetarian options.

The second floor will be home to a cocktail lounge called El Escondite. The lounge will serve craft cocktails, Latin American beers, and 60 different tequilas and mescal. Castillo and Watson have partnered with Fort Worth’s Studio 97w to bring in as much rustic Mexican design and décor as possible, complete with plenty of plants and Oaxacan rugs.

Both Tinie’s and El Escondite are set to open in January 2018.