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Sushimo Burrito’s Cheetos-Crusted Rolls Hit Oak Cliff This Weekend

The Vegan, pork belly, spicy tuna and mysterious “secret burrito” will be on offer

Sushimo Burrito/ Instagram

This weekend, fledgling pop-up Sushimo Burrito will make its triumphant return to Dallas, complete with Cheetos-crusted sushi burritos in tow.

Sushimo Burrito had its first run at Tradewinds Social Club in Oak Cliff. The sushi burrito-focused concept is the brainchild of Randall Braud, a chef who has cooked alongside Mot Hai Ba’s Peja Krstic and Bolsa’s Andrew Bell. According to the chef, his forthcoming pop-up will serve up a menu of three different sushi burritos, including an option for vegans and the aforementioned Cheetos-crusted roll. Each burrito will be sold by the half, and all are priced under $10.

Check out the burrito options below:

  • The Vegan: Ponzu marinated and grilled portobello mushrooms, blanched asparagus, carrot, daikon sprout, cucumber, avocado, and spicy mayo. ($7)
  • The Spicy Tuna: Spicy tuna, tempura shrimp, cucumber, avocado, daikon sprout, and spicy mayo, all rolled in Flaming Hot Cheetos. ($9)
  • The Pork Belly Tonkatsu: Pork belly tonkatsu burrito with Japanese coleslaw, cream cheese, and a spicy katsu sauce. ($9)

Braud also told Eater there will be a “secret burrito” on offer, but finding it will involve seeking out “the right person at Bolsa to ask” for the mysterious roll. For folks interested in the challenge, Sushimo Burrito will pop up at Bolsa on Sunday, July 17 starting at 8 p.m.