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Take A Peek Inside The Newly Revamped Fearing’s

New decor, plus more room for mingling

Courtesy Fearing’s

After 10 years of wining and dining in Dallas, Fearing’s Restaurant has a brand new look.

The restaurant’s seven distinct dining and drinking areas each offer their own look and feel, something that’s always been a part of the vibe at Fearing’s. The renovations continue this this idea, adding extra space for guests to linger and drink. Fearing worked with The Johnson Studio in Atlanta, which created the restaurant’s original design, to update Fearing’s décor and color scheme with pops of royal blue, burgundy and charcoal.

“I’m thrilled with the new look, and I think the new additions will help diners to stay longer, and to relax and gather with friends, both indoors and out,” Chef Dean Fearing said. “Fearing’s feels like much more than just a restaurant these days.”

The ever-popular Rattlesnake Bar also has a brand new chrome chandelier and a lounge area, where guests are encouraged to take their time and relax. The outdoor Live Oak Patio has also been updated to serve a dual purpose as an outdoor dining area and space for entertainment.

Before making a reservation at the newly-revamped Fearing’s, take a virtual look around the restaurant.