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NYC’s Popbar Will Bring Its Creamy Frozen Treats to Fort Worth

Gelato on a stick is en route

Photos Courtesy of Popbar

Just in time to deal with DFW’s worst summer heat, Popbar is bringing its frozen gelato on a stick to Fort Worth.

The New York City-based ice cream shop Popbar is known for serving creamy gelato, sorbetti and frozen yogurt molded into bars and served on a stick like a Popsicle. The chain is set to open its first Texas in the newly-developed WestBend shopping district between HG Sply Co. and CorePower Yoga this September.

At its other locations, Popbar serves over 40 rotating flavors like green tea, pumpkin pie, kiwi and passionfruit as well as classic flavors like vanilla and chocolate. The chain also sells “popwiches,” or gelato sandwiches on sticks.

If a gelato-pop sounds like too much of a melty mess, Popbar also offers a menu of frozen drinks like frozen hot chocolate, hot chocolate on a stick and the absurdly decadent Ultimate Double Shake, a milkshake made from blended Popbars. Add in the selection of toppings like salted caramel or coconut and the possibilities are pretty endless.

Popbar is set to make its debut in September, no official opening date has been set just yet.