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Diners Say Rats Fell From the Ceiling at a Dallas Chipotle

This is not okay

Chipotle Becomes First Non-GMO US Restaurant Chain Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images
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Casual burrito chain Chipotle has had some troubles as of late, but those may pale in comparison to what a few patrons say happened at the West End outpost of the restaurant yesterday.

A tipster pointed Eater in the direction of a video posted to Facebook by a diner that alleges that rats fell from the ceiling at the Chipotle at 208 Market Street in Dallas’ West End. In addition to the video, photos have been posted to social media that show the ceiling rats scurrying around the restaurant’s dining room. Yikes.

Check out the evidence below:

Rats fell from the ceiling at chipotle in the West End. That brought a quick end to lunch. Management didn't do anything while we were there but apologize.

Posted by Bahadir Han Koseli on Tuesday, July 18, 2017

According to Bahadir Han Koseli, who uploaded the video, management at the Chipotle offered little more than an apology after the rodent attack. The incident may have been a freak invasion, considering that this particular outpost of Chipotle scored 94 out of 100 points on its last health inspection, which was conducted in January 2017. In fact, it was one of the city’s higher-rated Chipotle locations, with some in the city hovering at around only 80 points.

UPDATE: Chipotle has reached out to Eater with the following statement:

This has certainly been high on our radar since yesterday and we have been in close touch with our customers to make things right. We learned yesterday that mice got into a restaurant from the outside. The restaurant immediately removed them and contacted professionals who identified a small structural gap in the building as the likely access point which is being repaired. This is an extremely isolated and rare incident but of course never anything we’d want our customers to encounter.