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Creme de la Cookie’s Freakshakes Bring the Viral Milkshake Trend to Dallas

Who doesn’t want 8 cookies piled on top of a shake?

Creme de la Cookie/Facebook
Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

In search of a sugar overload? The newly-introduced “Freakshakes” at Toni Rivard’s Creme de la Cookie are designed to do just that.

The bakery will officially debut its cookie-and-brownie topped milkshakes this weekend, after serving a sneak peek earlier this week. Each Freakshake is served in a mason jar mug, then topped with a dizzying array of baked treats, ranging from cookies and cupcakes to cake balls and ice cream cones.

Scope out a few of the sugar-laden treats below:

Posted by Creme de la Cookie on Saturday, July 15, 2017
Posted by Creme de la Cookie on Saturday, July 15, 2017

Of course, Creme de la Cookie didn’t invent the over-the-top milkshake. When introduced in New York City last year, Black Tap Burgers & Beer’s similarly ridiculous shakes inspired lengthy lines. Even Dunkin’ Donuts got in on the trend, introducing an equally over the top drink in the chain’s stores in Lebanon earlier this year.

No word yet on how long the “Freakshake” will be available at Creme de la Cookie, but don’t be surprised if these drinkable desserts don’t soon dominate Dallas Instagram feeds.