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Blind Butcher Chef Oliver Sitrin Trolls Vegan Protesters With Pro-Pork Sign

The group wasn’t happy about Eastbound & Down’s pig roast

Joy Zhang

Over the weekend, meat-obsessed chef Oliver Sitrin fired back at vegan protesters who set up shop outside East Dallas bar Eastbound & Down Icehouse.

On Saturday, Eastbound & Down held its second annual pig roast, which attracted a small contingent of anti-meat protesters. After seeing the protesters, Sitrin formed his own one man counter-protest, holding a sign (written on butcher paper, of course) that read “I kill way more pigs than these guys.”

Check out this photo of Sitrin alongside the protesters below:

Posted by Ben Sharon on Saturday, July 29, 2017

It’s probably not surprising that a guy who serves up pig’s ears and tripe on his menu is a little defensive of his use of pork, but Sitrin isn’t totally anti-plant. At The Blind Butcher, there are plenty of salad options, along with a meat-free version of the restaurant’s popular poutine, topped with mushrooms and gravy.

Whether or not it was in good taste, one thing is for sure — Sitrin’s protest is sure to be popular amongst the meat enthusiasts that frequent The Blind Butcher.

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