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Uptown’s Sambuca Is Literally Falling Apart

The restaurant’s owner has filed suit against its landlord, alleging negligence

Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

After 25 years of serving wine to fancy ladies in Uptown, Sambuca is in danger of closing its doors because the building that houses the restaurant is literally falling apart.

Owner Kim Forsythe has filed a lawsuit against MetLife, which owns the property at 2120 McKinney Avenue, reports CBS DFW. The suit alleges that the building has serious problems ranging from foundation damage to broken pipes that release a noxious “sewer smell” into the restaurant. Forsythe says that his landlord has not only ignored repeated requests for repairs, but has also raised rent on the building in order to “force him out.”

It’s unclear whether or not Sambuca has plans to close its doors or relocate if repairs aren’t completed. Forsythe also seems to believe that the landlords have engaged in sabotage. As evidence, he points to the company’s decision to sandblast Sambuca’s parking lot on Valentine’s Day. “It just not appropriate,” he told CBS DFW. “It’s my second busiest day of the year.”

At present, Sambuca remains open. The restaurant will face off against MetLife in court beginning in October.