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Chef Matt McCallister’s Filament Shutters

The Deep Ellum eatery just wasn’t profitable

RIP, hot chicken
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Just over a year and a half after opening its doors in Deep Ellum, Chef Matt McCallister’s Filament has officially closed its doors.

The Southern restaurant called it quits over the weekend, citing declining revenues, reports CultureMap. “The nitty gritty is that it doesn't make enough to cover fixed and critical variable costs,” McCallister told Eater of the restaurant’s closure. “There are a million factors that go into what makes a restaurant successful and what makes one fail. I could make a long list. I could also make excuses but that’s all they would be at the end of the day.”

McCallister didn’t speak specifically to which “fixed and variable costs” were so challenging for Filament, but it isn’t the only Deep Ellum restaurant to shutter in 2017. Amsterdam Falafelshop called it quits earlier this month, and Kitchen LTO closed its doors back in April.Also of note, McCallister is no longer involved in the fast-casual bao counter he was planning for Plano’s Legacy Hall, according to Escape Hatch Dallas.

Filament held its last service on Sunday, August 13. FT33, McCallister’s New American restaurant in the Design District, will remain open and has not been affected by the closure.

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