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Botolino Gelato Brings Frozen Treats to Greenville Avenue

Expect cornbread tres leches and deconstructed apple pie

Botolino Gelato/Facebook

Later this month, a new sweet shop called Botolino Gelato will bring its take on the classic Italian frozen treat to Lower Greenville.

The new shop is a project from Carlo D. Gattini, who knows a thing or two about good Italian gelato. A third-generation gelato maker, or gelatiere, originally from Tuscany, Gattini’s heart is set on bringing “irresistible gelato and other classic frozen Italian desserts made entirely from scratch with love” to Greenville Avenue.

Botolino Gelato is set to take over the space formerly occupied by The Bottle Shop, and will feature a unique interactive component: an open production lab that will allow customers to watch the gelato-making process in action. Each flavor, ranging from traditional pistachio to a Mexican-inspired cornbread tres leches, will be made with top-quality ingredients, including local offerings from Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters and Dallas Mozzarella Company.

Botolino’s grand opening is slated to happen on August 27.