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Bar Stellar Brings Much-Needed Updates to the Struggling Henderson Haunt

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Stellar is ditching the throwbacks and aiming for a more modern style.

Early next month, troubled Knox-Henderson restaurant Stellar will revamp after just four months, with plans to officially re-emerge as Bar Stellar.

The spot hopes to redeem itself with an emphasis on fresh, craft ingredients, a quirky menu and décor “designed with social media in mind.” The cocktail menu promises “Instagram worthy” cocktails with names like “Pinky Promise” and Cloud Nine,” and the revamped snack menu features panko fried chicken and “Green Eggs and Ham,” deviled eggs with avocado and bacon.

The Knox-Henderson bar originally opened in April and looked promising. However, poor reviews dogged its short run. A brutal Dallas Observer review that detailed the restaurant’s lackluster bar food, decorative identity crisis and subpar cocktails (the word “Pine-Sol” was used) may have been the final nail in the coffin.

21-year-old entrepreneur and SMU undergrad Francois Reihani is at the helm of this new project. Reihani’s first restaurant, Pōk the Raw Bar, opened in January. Bar Stellar is set to re-emerge like an Instagram-worthy phoenix on September 8.