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Dez Bryant 'Boycotts' Blaze Pizza After Shady Tweet From Dallas Cowboys Hater

He’s probably joking, but totally justified

Indianapolis Colts v Dallas Cowboys
Don’t mess with Dez
Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images
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After getting a tweet from a Blaze Pizza employee and apparent Dallas Cowboys hater, Dez Bryant is boycotting the LeBron James-backed pizza chain.

The Cowboys wide receiver reportedly went into an outpost of Blaze Pizza (possibly the location in Arlington near AT&T Stadium?) and, after ordering, tipped an employee $75. Hours later, the employee shared Bryant’s generosity on Twitter, but said that she “still hates the Cowboys.” In response, Bryant jokingly threatened a boycott.

Check out the tweet from Bryant below. The employee’s tweet has since been deleted, probably because she was being dragged mercilessly by Cowboys fans:

Thanks to the magic of social media, Blaze Pizza immediately caught the tweet, and made sure to reassure Bryant that he was welcome at any of the chain’s 200 other locations. Later, Bryant admitted that the chain’s pizza was “extremely amazing,” so he probably won’t stay away for long.

This not-at-all controversy does, though, raise an important question: how would lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan and Blaze Pizza investor LeBron James feel about all this drama?