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Southside Pizzeria Sets Its Sights on the Cedars District

The new spot for NY-style slices arrives next month

Italian Bistro/Facebook

This September, a brand new pizza joint will bring brews, cocktails, and New York-style slices to the Cedars District.

Southside Pizzeria, the new venture by Ilir Murati, will open at 1210 S. Lamar Street sometime next month, according to CultureMap. Murati’s other restaurant, an old-school spot called Italian Bistro, opened its doors last year and maintains solid ratings from reviewers on platforms like Yelp. The new pizzeria will feature some of Italian Bistro’s entrees, but will, as its name would imply, focus more on the pies.

According to Murati, the vibe at Southside Pizzeria will be more casual in an effort to appeal to residents at South Side Flats, the building in which the restaurant will open. The pizzeria will join other local businesses that have set up shop on the building’s ground floor. Southside Pizzeria will be the first restaurant in the complex, bringing a much-needed dining option to the area.

If all goes according to plan, Southside Pizzeria is expected to debut next month.