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Funnel Cake Burgers and Fish Bowl Cocktails Win Big At the Big Tex Choice Awards

Your inner child is so excited about the State Fair of Texas

The Gulf Coast Fish Bowl cocktail
Jason Hays

On Saturday, judges at the Big Tex Choice Awards crowned this year’s most over-the-top creations, all of which will be on the menu at this year’s State Fair of Texas.

After whittling down the entrants to a list of finalists earlier this month, the Big Tex Choice Awards announced that Tom Grace’s Funnel Cake Bacon Queso Burger was the weekend’s big winner. The powdered sugar-dusted monstrosity took home the win in both the “Savory” and “Most Creative” categories, thanks to its savory-sweet combination of funnel cake buns, melty cheese dip, and burger patties.

In the “Sweet” category, Clint Probst’s Gulf Coast Fish Bowl took top honors. The whimsical blue punch cocktail is served in a fish bowl and garnished with Swedish Fish, Nerds candy, and other accoutrements. It’s a big victory for the creative chef — Probst made the semi-finals eight times before winning the title this year.

All of the wild creations that made this year’s list of finalists (including tamale doughnuts and deep-fried Froot Loops) will be on offer at the fair, which starts September 29. Get ready to buy lots and lots of tickets.