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Jalisco-Inspired Restaurant Hits Oak Lawn With Major Chef Talent

Chef Jose Meza Arroyave comes to Dallas from Mexico City

Carolina Restaurant/Facebook
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After closing the doors at Cedar Grove, restaurateur Tim McEneny will open what is likely his most exciting restaurant yet, a Mexican eatery called Jalisco Norte.

The new restaurant will set up shop at 3858 Oak Lawn Avenue, reports CultureMap. Jalisco Norte will be helmed by Chef Jose Meza Arroyave, a “rising star” who hails from Mexico City and has worked in the vaunted Restaurant Carolina near Puerto Vallarta. According to his Chef’s Roll profile, Arroyave also spent time in the kitchen of the much-acclaimed Pujol in Mexico City, along with a stint as a line cook at Rene Redzepi’s NOMA in Copenhagen, Denmark.

It’s a pretty major departure from McEneny’s last concept Cedar Grove, which didn’t last long on Cedar Springs and served up an American-inspired menu. McEneny’s NL Group also operates Front Room Tavern at the Hotel Lumen and Downtown’s Dakota’s Steakhouse.

No word yet on when Jalisco Norte will make its debut, but it’s already one of the city’s most anticipated new restaurants.