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Urban Taco Will Shutter Current Location, Move Within Mockingbird Station

Look forward to a larger space and a new patio

Photo Courtesy of Lindsey Miller

After years of slinging margaritas and tacos in Mockingbird Station, Urban Taco is flying the coop for a brand new location.

The restaurant has opted to not renew its current lease, and the shutter is immediate. Urban Taco will vacate its current location and where it plans to be for a long time. The restaurant’s owners have already signed a ten year lease on the new building, also in Mockingbird Station, which offers up more space and a patio, both truly essential components of a good Tex-Mex restaurant.

The Uptown location of Urban Taco will continue to operate as normal, and the new outpost will serve up the same menu of tacos, tortas, ceviches, soups, and the same dizzying array of salsas and margaritas. The new Mockingbird Location is expected to arrive sometime in September, though no official opening date has been set as of yet.

Update: This post has been updated to reflect Urban Taco’s move — it is not moving outside of Mockingbird Station, but to a new space within the complex.

Urban Taco

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