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Feast Your Eyes on the Ridiculous New Snacks At AT&T Stadium, Home of the Dallas Cowboys

Chicken and waffle sandwiches, absurd burgers, and more deep-fried delights await

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos popcorn
Kathy Tran

Praise the gridiron gods — football season has finally returned. As Dak Prescott, Dez Bryant, and the rest of America’s Team have been preparing to kick some ass this season, the culinary mad scientists at AT&T Stadium’s Legends Hospitality have been hard at work crafting up the over-the-top stadium fare that fans can enjoy while watching the Dallas Cowboys play.

In addition to the usual popcorn and nachos, AT&T Stadium executive chef Anthony Sinese made a point to think beyond the typical game day snack. Sinise describes his eats as “big flavors and global cuisines that are right at home within the Texas and Southwest food culture.”

The Cowboys are in Denver this week, but as soon as the team makes its triumphant return to Dallas, skip the boring old hot dog in favor of one of these decidedly more interesting — and brand new — game day options.

The Pro Bowl: A large bowl of traditional style fried rice, topped with marinated and grilled skewers of either beef or chicken, with bell pepper and sweet onion. The bowl is served with various dipping sauces, meaning that this can be a handheld bowl or a sit-down dish with utensils required.

The Taco Bowl: A non-traditional taco bowl, made with their in-house Al-Pastor roasted pork (which can be found at multiple carving stations throughout the concourse), corn and black bean salsa on top of a bed of chopped romaine. Guests will be able to assemble their own Taco Bowl with the addition of toppings such as cilantro, blue corn tortilla crumbles, sour cream, and salsas.

The Texas Chicken & Waffle: While not entirely a new product, the fried chicken patty is now topped with ‘tumbleweed onions’ (fried shoestring onions), pepper jack cheese, maple-pecan mayo, and crispy bacon. The entire thing is then sandwiched between two Texas shaped waffles that makes the sandwich almost half a foot tall.

Gelato/Sorbet Bar: Scattered throughout the main concourse will be gelato and sorbet bars. These frozen treats are focused on unique flavors such as pistachio, salted caramel, apple moonshine, lemon buttermilk, and prickly pear, among the traditionalist flavors of vanilla, double chocolate, and strawberry.

The Heaven and Hell Burger: An astonishingly large burger. Between two brioche buns lies an angus burger patty with all the usual fixings, garlic aioli, and the claim to fame; a puck of fried mac and cheese. The mac and cheese patty is coated in Frito chip crumbles, deep fried, and dipped into spicy buffalo sauce before being stacked onto the burger.

Mochi Selection: In their attempt to find portable and delicious ice cream treats, guests will be able to choose from a selection of frozen mochi ranging in flavors from double chocolate, mint chocolate, green tea, strawberry, and mango.

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos ® Popcorn: A culinary creation from Plano’s Frito Lay Flavor Kitchen, made specifically for the Dallas Cowboy’s Stadium, it is a mixture of fresh popped popcorn topped with flaming hot Cheetos powder, and mixed with jalapeno and flaming hot Cheetos.

Pambazo Sandwich: A sandwich “as large as your head” says chef Sinese, it is a fresh bolillo bun filled with refried beans, chorizo, Oaxaca cheese, lettuce and sour cream. The sandwich is then dipped in a guajillo chili sauce, which means that it’s perfectly spicy and will also require a significant number of napkins.

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