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Dak Prescott Wants You To Eat Lunch At 7-Eleven

The gas station chain expands its grab-and-go meal offerings

New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

7-Eleven has enlisted Dallas Cowboys quarterback and current spokesman Dak Prescott to tout its newest food offerings, which appear to be an effort to change its reputation as a one stop junk food shop.

The chain is now touting its new “restaurant-quality meal solutions,” or a new line of heat-and-eat meals developed by the Irving-based chain, reports the Dallas Morning News. Among the new offerings are a bevy of carb-heavy dishes like macaroni and cheese, beef enchiladas with rice, and breakfast egg bowls. According to 7-Eleven’s website, each meal “takes less than three minutes to prepare,” and by “prepare,” the chain means “nuke in a microwave.”

To build hype for the new dishes, Prescott will record digital commercials encouraging diners to give 7-Eleven’s latest culinary venture a chance. Those will air on radio stations across the Metroplex, along with a free coupon to try 7-Eleven’s take on chicken verde enchiladas.

No word yet on when these meals will debut in Dallas, but if Prescott’s a fan, they can’t be that bad, right?