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Hawaii’s Favorite Ramen Shop Hits Mockingbird Station Next Month

Agu Ramen is set to open its first Texas outpost

Agu Ramen/Facebook
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Early next month, Agu Ramen will officially hit Dallas when the popular Hawaiian chain’s first location in the metroplex arrives at Mockingbird Station.

The Mockingbird Station outpost of Agu Ramen is the first of two planned locations from the noodle chain, joining a Lakewood Square restaurant that is expected to open later this year. Based in Honolulu, Agu Ramen has made a big push into Texas over the past year, rapidly opening multiple locations in Houston.

In addition to the traditional tonkotsu, Agu Ramen serves up a chicken-based broth, along with a vegetarian option and, for serious pork enthusiasts, a kotteri tonkotsu which is described as a thicker, richer broth than the traditional tonkotsu. Outside of the noodles, Japanese bar snacks like chicken karaage, gyoza, and spicy fries are on the menu.

A post to Agu Ramen’s website indicates that the Mockingbird Station location will open its doors on October 1. No word yet on when the chain’s Lakewood Square outpost will open.

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