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Take A Peek Around Sachet, Dallas’ Chic New Mediterranean Stunner

The much-anticipated restaurant arrives this Wednesday

Kathy Tran

This week, husband and wife duo Stephen Rogers and Alison Yoder will debut Sachet, the breezy and bright Mediterranean sibling to their first restaurant Gemma.

Inside the restaurant, giant glass walls allow light to pour into Sachet’s dining room, where a Nordic aesthetic meets functional design. A floor-to-ceiling wine cellar, also made entirely of glass, is the focal point of the dining room, holding dozens of bottles of wine at just the right serving temperature.

Taking a little influence from her musical background, Yoder chose decorative acoustic tiles to adorn the walls of the dining room, which serve a dual purpose — they add a unique visual element, along with helping absorb some of the noise from a busy crowd of guests. A wood-fired oven, more than one story tall, is equally distinctive, and will be put to a great deal of use to the kitchen. “Instead of just going up to 900 degrees and then having it cool off, we use it as it drops down.” says Yoder. “As it cools off, we put some of our dishes in to braise, and after that, to bake our breads.”

Sachet is set to kick open the doors on September 20, at which time this veggie-obsessed spot will begin serving its fresh take on mezze and other Mediterranean classics. In the meantime, take a step inside the restaurant courtesy of Eater photographer Kathy Tran.