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PŌK The Raw Bar Goes Cashless

Leave the crumpled-up dollar bills at home

PŌK The Raw Bar

It’s plastic or nothing at PŌK The Raw Bar, the trendy West Village poké shop that opened this year as part of the wave of poké bowls invading Dallas. As of the beginning of September, PŌK The Raw Bar will only accept credit and debit cards as a form of payment.

“There are so many pros to going cashless,” PŌK owner Brandon Cohanim said in a press release. “Not having large amounts of cash in the restaurant reduces the chance for burglary, and alleviates the need for team members to be touching cash. It also allows us to take orders faster, and better serve our guests.”

Another incentive towards going cashless? Only 5% of customers paid for their poké bowls with cold hard cash, according to Cohanim. PŌK The Raw Bar follows in the footsteps of restaurants across the country who aren’t accepting cash. NYC spot Commerce raised eyebrows in 2009 by going cashless, but now chains like Sweetgreen operate 70 cashless locations nationwide.