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Deep Ellum Will Soon Have Its First Cidery

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Trinity Cider is set to arrive this spring

Cider flights are en route

Deep Ellum will soon be home to its first bar dedicated solely to crisp, fizzy hard cider.

Trinity Cider is set to swing open its doors later this spring at 2656 Main Street, right next door to Pecan Lodge. A project of owner Bryan Meyer and head ciderist Jeremy Bridge, Trinity Cider will serve a menu of “sophisticated craft cider” with a variety of flavor profiles. According to Bridge, Trinity will focus mostly on “dry to semi-dry ciders” made with apple and pear, but more inventive options, like peach cider and barrel-aged tart cherry cider are also in the works.

For folks who eschew gluten and carbs, the arrival of Trinity Cider is particularly exciting, as the bar plans to offer dry ciders that are free from both. “Trinity Cider will be pushing the boundaries of conventional cider,” Meyer tells Eater. “Much like Deep Ellum is transforming a typical weekend experience, we will be transforming how you experience cider.”

Trinity Cider is expected to arrive in May. Stay tuned for an official opening date.

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