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Tide Pod Cookies Are A Now A Thing In Dallas

Complete with edible “detergent” made of sprinkles

Yup, that’s a Tide pod cookie
Clearly Cookies/Facebook

Because the world is a terrible and bizarre place, cookies that look like the Tide laundry pods that kids are apparently eating now are officially a thing in Dallas.

The Tide pod cookie was debuted by local custom cookie company Clearly Cookies this week, the minds behind last year’s viral fidget spinner cookie. Now, they’re back with yet another pop culture-inspired creation, and this time it’s stuffed with sprinkles (to imitate the detergent inside a Tide Pod) and iced with Tide’s now-infamous orange and blue logo.

Clearly Cookies isn’t the only purveyor in the United States to serve up Tide pod lookalikes as the trend persists. According to Eater, a Missouri outpost of Hurts Donut created an icing-topped pastry that (vaguely) resembles a Tide pod, while a Brooklyn bar served up a boozy shot inspired by the insane “Tide Ppd challenge,” in which teenagers on the internet attempt to eat the laundry detergent.

Whether or not eating foods that look like laundry detergent should be encouraged, these cookies don’t look half bad.

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