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Rent Hike Forces Lake Highlands Creamery to Relocate

The beloved ice cream purveyor will move inside Atomic Pies

Lake Highlands Creamery/Yelp

After opening its first brick-and-mortar two years ago, Lake Highlands Creamery has announced that it will be forced to close up shop.

According to an announcement posted on the creamery’s Facebook page, the property owner at 9660 Audelia Road #121 increased the creamery’s rent by three times because “the new landlords decided they wanted to use our space to bring in an upscale coffee shop,” writes owner Sean Brockette. “We just can’t justify or absorb that cost so we are giving up our current space.” Brockette’s shop is just the latest in a series of Dallas restaurant casualties resulting from drastic increases in rent, including Mesero’s abrupt closure on Henderson Avenue.

To keep operations running, Brockette will set up shop in a corner of neighboring Atomic Pie. “We will still make the best ice cream in Dallas you have come to enjoy over the past 4 years,” he assures. There could be worse pairings than ice cream and pie. However, as construction on the center progresses over the next several months, Atomic Pie will absorb the ice cream company, Brockette will move on to “other opportunities,” and Lake Highlands Creamery will cease to exist.

“[Thank you] to all our vendors and sidekicks in the ice cream biz, all of you helped shape our flavors and pushed us to do things no one in Dallas would have the balls to do,” writes Brockette, who was known for making small-batch ice creams tricked out with all kinds of confectionaries like Heath bars, marshmallows, peanut butter cups, Oreos, and swirls of fudge. Brockette ends the post by saying “To anyone that ever spent a dollar, sported a t-shirt and put a sticker on their car, thank you for all the love and support. See you soon.”

Lake Highlands Creamery’s closure comes on the heels of another shuttering of a beloved neighborhood creamery. Betty Ringer, which infused its ice creams with offbeat ingredients, had a loyal following but failed to generate the kind of traffic to keep its Sylvan Thirty doors open.

Peep Lake Highlands Creamery’s full announcement below.

Hey folks! We haven't posted in a while but wanted to let everyone know that effective today, we will be folding...

Posted by Lake Highlands Creamery on Tuesday, October 9, 2018