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Where to Eat Standout Sichuan Cuisine in Dallas

Feast on mapo tofu, hot pot, dan dan noodles, and more

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Spicy, comforting, and always satisfying, restaurants serving mouth-numbing Sichuan cuisine aren’t exactly abundant in Dallas-Fort Worth. While it’s possible to score kung pao chicken and dan dan noodles at plenty of the city’s Chinese restaurants, only a handful of DFW restaurants specialize in the cuisines of the Sichuan province.

Most people associate Sichuan cuisine with the peppercorns that lend a fiery, mouth-numbing (“ma la”) heat to dishes like mapo tofu, but so much more awaits at these six standout Sichuan establishments in Dallas’s north suburbs. Head to one of these six Sichuan restaurants for everything from tea-smoked duck to seriously spicy noodles.

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Little Sichuan

Tucked into the back of a Plano strip mall, Little Sichuan is a cozy spot to set your mouth on fire. Sichuan classics like mapo tofu, kung pao chicken, and cumin lamb are served in gigantic portions here, easily shared between two or three people. Start off a meal with the spicy and salty Sichuan cucumbers and a bowl of soft noodles tossed in fermented broad bean paste at the table.

240 Legacy Drive, Plano

Sichuan Folk

At this sprawling Plano eatery, the dining options are divided — share a hot pot filled with spicy broth and preserved pork, tofu skins, squid balls, and sliced beef with the family, or check out the entirely separate menu that offers perfect spicy cold noodles, mouth-numbing lamb in fiery sauce, and a host of stunning seafood dishes like lobster with salted egg and Sichuan-style whole fish.

1201 East Plano Road, Plano

Tasty House

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Pickled pepper bullfrog

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A newcomer to Plano’s burgeoning Sichuan cuisine scene, Tasty House has quickly earned a devoted following of fans thanks to its tingly Sichuan fare like pickled pepper bullfrog. Pay close attention to the chef specials menu, where dishes like quail eggs in garlic sauce, cumin pork ribs, and crispy duck await.

2901 North Central Expressway, Suite 109, Plano

Sichuanese Cuisine

Spice enthusiasts will find much to love at this Richardson Sichuan spot, because the heat levels are completely customizable. Spicy boiled fish and eggplant in garlic sauce are excellent choices here, as is the Sichuan-style tea-smoked duck.

2001 Coit Road, Plano

Royal Sichuan

A Richardson classic, Royal Sichuan’s expansive menu will suit pretty much any taste. It’s a particularly solid choice during lunch, where plates like twice-cooked pork, kung pao tofu, and beef in black bean sauce are all priced under $8.

400 North Greenville Avenue, Richardson

Sichuan King

Crispy scallion pancakes, chicken feet with pickled pepper, cumin lamb, and a dizzying array of beef and chicken dishes make Sichuan King a standout. Vegetable-based dishes are also abundant, including Sichuan string beans, braised eggplant, and excellent tofu skins served with mustard greens.

400 North Greenville Avenue, Suite 17, Richardson


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